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Texas Appleseed e-bulletin , October 2014 ... New Payday Data by Texas Appleseed Documents How These Lenders Bypass the Military Lending Act

Texas Appleseed e-bulletin , September 2014 ... Celebratory Groundbreaking: Rebuilding Low-Income Housing in Galveston

 Texas Appleseed e-bulletin, August 2014 ... A CFPB Appointment

Texas Appleseed e-bulletin, July 2014 ... Protecting Child Refugees: Our New Advocacy Area

Texas Appleseed e-bulletin, July 2014 ... Texas Borrowers Win Again

Texas Appleseed e-bulletin, May 2014 ... Good Apple Dinner Announced, CSG Events & Other News

Texas Appleseed e-bulletin, April 2014 ... Texas Appleseed at Work

Texas Appleseed e-bulletin, January 2014 ... New Year Opens with Big Gains, Big Votes
Texas Appleseed e-bulletin, November 2013 ... How a Pro Bono Attorney Made the Difference

Texas Appleseed e-bulletin, June 2013 ... Rethinking How Texas Treats Truant Students

Texas Appleseed e-bulletin, May 2013 ... Why Revising Texas' Mental Health Code Matters

Texas Appleseed e-bulletin, April 2013 ... Support Reforming Criminal Discovery in Texas

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Texas Appleseed Reports

Mental Health Code

Recommendations for Updating the Texas Mental Health Code: A Response to Decades of Dramatic Change in Texas' Mental Health System, 9.19.2012

Immigration Court & Detention Reform

Justice for Immigration's Hidden Population

Justice for Immigration's Hidden Population
Texas Appleseed, March 2010

Texas' School-to-Prison Pipeline


Ticketing, Arrest & Use of Force in Schools
Executive Summary
Texas Appleseed, December 2010



Texas’ School-to-Prison Pipeline — School Expulsion, The Path from Lockout to Dropout
Texas Appleseed, April 2010



Texas' School-to-Prison Pipeline, Dropout to Incarceration: The Impact of School Discipline and Zero Tolerance

Executive Summary

Resumen Ejecutivo
 Updated Data:  2008-2009

 Data Tables
School-to-Prison Pipeline Power Point 2008


When My Child Is Disciplined At School

Texas Appleseed, January 2009
Cuando Mi Hijo Es Displinado en la Escuela: Una Guia para Las Familias
Texas Appleseed, April 2009


Foster Care


Texas Children in Long-Term Foster Care: Outcomes, Court Hearing Practices, and Court Costs
Texas Appleseed, June 2012


Improving the Lives of Children in Long-Term Foster Care: The Role of Texas' Courts & Legal System

Executive Summary



Fair Financial Services

Reshaping The Future Of Small Dollar Lending in Texas:  Alternatives to High-Cost Payday and Auto Title Loans
Texas Appleseed, January 2011

copy_of_payday_borrower_survey_-__cover_only_for_web.jpg Short-term Cash, Long-term Debt: the Impact of Unregulated Lending in Texas
Texas Appleseed, April 2009

From "Easy Credit" to Credit Crisis: Subprime Loans and Foreclosures in Texas
Texas Appleseed, May 2008


Remittance Transparency: Strengthening Business, Building Community
National Appleseed, January 2009
Texas Appleseed Senior Policy Analyst Ann Baddour, Primary Author
banking-in-global-market-cover.jpg Banking in a Global Market
Executive Summary
Report Supplement
Appleseed, February 2009

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Disaster Recovery

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Handbooks & Other Resources

Attorney, Client & Family Handbooks:
Legal Representation of Defendents with Mental Disabilities
Legal Representation of Juvenile Defendents

Finding the Path to Equal Justice: A Handbook for Defendants with Mental Retardation and Their Families
Texas Appleseed, 2005

Opening the Door: Justice for Defendants with Mental Retardation
Texas Appleseed, 2005

Finding Help When You're in Trouble with the Law: A Handbook for Persons with Mental Illness and Their Families
Texas Appleseed, 2005 
Mental Illness, Your Client and The Criminal Law: A Handbook for Attorneys Who Represent Persons with Mental Illness
Texas Appleseed, 2005

Juvenile Practice is Not Child's Play: A Handbook for Attorneys who Represent Juveniles in Texas
Texas Appleseed, 2005
Navigating the Juvenile Justice System: A Handbook for Juveniles and Their Families
Texas Appleseed, 2004

In Spanish

El Camino Hacia La Igualdad en La Justicia: Manual para Los Acusados Con Retraso Mental Y Sus Familias
Texas Appleseed, 2005

Navegando el Sistema de Justicia para Menores: Un Manual para Menores de Edad y Sus Familias
Texas Appleseed, 2003 
Encontrando Ayuda Cuando Usted Está En Problemas Con La Ley: Un Manual para Personas Con Enfermedades Mentales y Sus Familias
Texas Appleseed, 2003


Resources for Judges

Judicial Monographs

A Judicial Resource: Protecting Constitutional Rights of Defendants with Mental Impairments Texas Appleseed, May 2006

Judicial Options: Personal Bond Statutes and Defendants With Mental Illness or Mental Retardation Texas Appleseed, August 2006

Judicial Options: When Clients Are Incompetent to Stand Trial Texas Appleseed, December 2006

A Better Model: Ensuring Equal Justice for Persons With Mental Illness & Mental Retardation Texas Appleseed, 2005


Juvenile Court Resource



Creating Flexibility from the Bench: Meeting the Needs of Juveniles with Mental Impairment Texas Appleseed, July 2009

Fair Defense Reports

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Financial Education Brochures

Bank on Your Future
Home Ownership
Sending Money Back Home
Avoiding Dangerous Loans
Using Credit Cards
Identification Needed To Open an Account
Credit, Debit and ATM Cards
Car Loans
Reduce Your Taxes

In Spanish

Su dinero, su familia y futuro, como abrir una cuenta de cheque o ahorro
Cómo comprar casa
Enviando dinero a casa
Cómo evitar los malos prestamos
Las tarjetas de crédito
La identificación necesaria para abrir una cuenta
Tarjetas de crédito, débito y ATM
Prestamos para automóvil
Reduzca sus impuestos

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