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Media Coverage 2011 & 2012 -- Immigration & the Courts

300 Groups Endorse Call to Close 10 of the Worst Immigrant Prisons in the U.S.Immigration Watch Network, 11.28.2012
Mentally Ill Immigrants Trapped in Detention Without Attorneys
, California Watch, 2.17.2012
Immigration Judges Should Halt Proceedings Against Noncitizens with Serious Mental Disabilities
, JORNAL.US News Service and the American Immigration Council, 3.17.2011
Mentally Ill Immigrants Trapped in Detention Without Attorneys
California Watch, 2.17.2012


Archive: Earlier Media Coverage

Immigrants with Mental Disabilities Face Continuing Threats to Their Health and Human Rights, The Blog of Physicians for Human Rights, 10.15.2010
Deportation by Default
, Forward blog, 7.27.2010
Mentally Impaired Detainees Lost in the System
, New America Media, 7.26.2010

Stop the Mistreatment of Mentally Ill Immigrants in Detentionchange.org blog, June 29, 2010
Special Report Reveals ICE Gross Treatment of Immigrants Suffering from Mental Disabilities
, Latina Lista, 4.9.2010
Immigrants with Mental Disabilities Need Improved Protections
, American Constitution Society for Law & Policy blog, 4.8.2010
ICE Agents Going Rogue
, The Progress Report,4.7.2010
Is ICE Out of Control, People Are Calling It a Rogue Agency
, Southern Shift, 4.5.2010
Mentally Ill Immigrants Neglected in Detention System
Truthout blog, 4.2.2010
Immigration Bloggings on Deportation and RemovalImmigration Daily,4.2.2010
Haitian Earthquake Survivors Amongst Those in Immigration Detention Centers
, DAILY KOS, 4.1.2010
Protecting Due Process for Immigrants with Mental Disabilities
, Appleseed This Week national newsletter, April 1, 2010
Immigration Detention Gone Rogue
, American Immigration Lawyers Association Leadership blog; also ran in The Immigration Blog and the Beaumont Enterprise, 3.31.2010
Mentally Disabled Detainees Face Huge Difficulties
One Way Ticket Deportation Dialogue blog, 3.31.2010
Texas Appleseed Study Offers Suggestions for Improving Immigration System
Texas Lawyer, Tex Parte Blog, 3.31.2010
The Dumping Point
, The Texas Tribune, 3.30.2010; also ran in the Tucson Sentinel and on the National Immigration Forum website
Texas Appleseed Report - Disabled Immigration Detainees Underserved
, American Constitution Society for Law & Policy, 3.30.2010
Mentally Ill Detainees' Care Criticized
, Houston Chronicle, 3.30.2010
The ICEy Road to Deportation
Texas Observer, 3.30.010
ICE Out Of Control - Time To Rein In Rogue Agency & Pass Immigration Reform
, The Huffington Post, 3.30.2010

Report - Mentally Ill Detainees Forgotten,  UPI, 3.30.2010
PR Newswire - Due Process, Mental Health Treatment Grossly Lacking in Immigration Court and Detention System, According to New Texas Appleseed Report
, report listing media outlets providing coverage, 3.30.2010
New Texas Appleseed Report Highlights Due Process, Mental Health Care Challenges in Immigration System
,  Disability Rights Oregon, 3.30.2010
Due Process, Mental Health Treatment Grossly Lacking In Immigration Court And Detention  System
, press release Texas Appleseed, 3.30.2010
Disabled Immigration Detainees Face Deportation
, New York Times, 3.29.2010; also ran in The Dallas Morning News, the El Paso Times, DAILY KOS, and on the Center for Immigration Studies website.
Judges Lack Guidelines In Dealing With Mentally Ill Immigrants
Immigration Review, 7.14.2009
Mentally Ill Immigrants Have Little Hope For Care When Detained
Dallas Morning News, 7.9.2009; also carried on media-dis-n-dat.blogspot.com for news about people with disabilities; and on the website for the Behavioral Health Care Journal at bhcjournal.com

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