Media Coverage

Group discusses statewide mental health code reform Odessa American, July 25, 2011 | Op Ed by
Texas’s Progress on Juvenile Justice The New York Times, July 9, 2011 | Op Ed by
Remittance Standards Signed into Law Appleseed This Week, July 22, 2010 | Op Ed by
HUD Steps Up in Texas New York Times, Opinion, June 13, 2010 | Op Ed by
Overhaul Texas' school expulsion policies Dallas Morning News, April 23, 2010 | Op Ed by Deborah Fowler
Seeking Some Company In The Remittance Field  American Banker, February 3, 2009 | Op Ed by
Guidebook helps banks tap into booming immigrant remittance market San Francisco Chronicle, January 8, 2008 | Op Ed by


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