Press Releases

Texas Veterans Harmed by Payday and Auto Title Loans
45% of surveyed veterans used payday or auto title loans—six times the rate for Texans overall
March 12, 2019
New Study Finds Most Driver’s License Suspensions in Texas Result of Unpaid Fines and Fees, Not Dangerous Driving
License suspensions for unpaid fines and fees counterproductive, drive families into debt
March 12, 2019
CFPB Proposal on Payday and Auto Title Loan Rule Guts Essential Protections
If adopted, proposal will leave behind Texas families caught in unaffordable cycle of debt
February 6, 2019
New Report Highlights Harmful Impacts of Identity Theft on Survivors of Domestic Violence
More Texans Facing Coerced Debt in Abusive Relationships Have Few Avenues for Relief
January 15, 2019
New Study Finds Women, Widows Penalized When Obtaining Auto Insurance
Discriminatory methods used in legally required insurance product
October 11, 2018
School Safety, School Policing, and Students’ Rights Focus of New Online Toolkit
Toolkit Provides Support for Students to Advocate for Themselves and Push for Changes in their School Communities
September 5, 2018
Return to Zero Tolerance Post-Parkland Results in Surge in Arrests for Texas Students, Unnecessarily Pushing Children into Justice System
Younger Students and Black Students Overrepresented in Referrals for “Terroristic Threat” and “Threat to Exhibit Firearms”
July 17, 2018
Texas Justice Courts See 82 Percent Increase in Debt Claim Cases
New website launches to inform Texans of their rights and combat deceptive debt collection practices
June 6, 2018
Payday Lenders Sue Federal Consumer Bureau to Abolish Borrower Protections
A successful lawsuit would mean more working families remain stuck in crippling debt
April 10, 2018


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