Press Releases

Push to Rein in Predatory Payday and Auto Title Lending Gains Momentum
Ordinances limiting usurious loans now cover over 7 million Texans in 18 Texas cities
June 25, 2014
New Video Series Aids Texas Youth Charged with Class C Misdemeanors
Justice of the Peace judge appears in video to offer guidance, background
May 2, 2014
Seven Civil Rights, Social Justice Groups Urge State Agency to End Use of Tasers and Pepper Spray in Texas Schools
Request Comes in Wake of School Police Tasing Incident Contributing to Student’s Fall and Hospitalization with Traumatic Brain Injury
December 5, 2013
Students’ Constitutional Rights Violated by Dallas County Schools & Truancy Courts, According to Complaint Filed Today with Department of Justice
Texas & National Law Centers Challenge Practices Including Arrest, Handcuffing of Students at School
June 12, 2013
Texas Defender Service, Texas Appleseed Release Criminal Discovery Report
Growing Call to Prevent Wrongful Convictions by Improving Texas’ Discovery Laws
February 27, 2013
Two Major Coalitions Team Up to Push for New State Laws to Rein in High-Cost Payday and Auto Title Lending in 2013
New Poll Results: Texas Voters Support Capping Loan Rates and Fees by 3-to-1 Margin
June 21, 2012
TOP, Texas Appleseed Urge DISD to Change Expensive, Ineffective Approaches to Student Discipline
Funding One Seat in DISD’s Elementary DAEP Costs More Than an Experienced Teacher’s Annual Salary – According to Appleseed Cost Study Released Today
March 27, 2012
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