Protecting Seniors from Financial Abuse

As our population continues to age and grow, a myriad of social and economic issues face the more than 3 million people over the age of 65 living in Texas today. These include financial abuse, limited housing, limited mental health care options, and guardianship concerns. Texas Appleseed partnered with Baker Botts LLP to do initial research to determine what issues are most pressing for Texas' seniors and identified the issues of financial exploitation and housing/home care. Our first resource addresses the issue of financial exploitation — consumer-friendly guides that are easy to understand and explain common terms financial caregivers would need to know.


  • State Law: Worked with a group of stakeholders to support passage of HB 3921 in 2017, creating clearer standards and accountability for financial institutions and securities brokers to identify and report financial abuse of vulnerable adults.
  • Managing Someone Else’s Money in Texas: In partnership with AARP Texas and pro bono partner Baker Botts LLP, Texas Appleseed has created Texas versions of the Managing Someone Else's Money guides, adapted from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's federal guides that assist financial caregivers. The guides, housed in a toolkit at, provide information on how to identify financial exploitation, how to avoid scams, and also present fiduciary responsibilities to those who have been designated to oversee the finances of a loved one or vulnerable person who no longer has the ability to manage their money or property independently. A fifth guide offers key information for a supporter under a Supported Decision Making Agreement, who must provide informed advice, explain risks, and help navigate financial services and options with the person they are assisting to manage their own finances. The toolkit is available in print and online, in English and Spanish. It includes Help for Agents Under a Power of Attorney, Help for Court-Appointed Guardians of the Estate, Help for Trustees Under a Revocable Trust, Help for Representative Payees and VA Fiduciaries, and Supported Decision-Making.