The Problem: Austin ISD uses harmful classroom removals, like out-of-school suspensions, to punish very young students. Black students and students who receive special education services are overrepresented in this discipline system. Austin ISD’s youngest students are facing in-school and out-of- school suspensions and alternative school placements for completely age appropriate behaviors and for behaviors that should be addressed with services and positive supports.
Fact Sheet with data about Austin ISD (AISD) elementary school removals
Texas Appleseed joins six other organizations — the Fair Share Housing Center, the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law, the Mississippi Center for Justice, the National Fair Housing Alliance, and Texas Low Income Housing Information Service — in welcoming new federal guidance from the U.S. Department of Justice aimed at protecting civil rights during the response to and recovery from major disasters. Key words: disaster planning; disaster response; disaster recovery; Hurricane Katrina; Hurricane Ike; Superstorm Sandy.
In the consumer lending industry in Texas, almost all contracts for payday and auto title loans have an arbitration agreement that borrowers are required to sign to apply for a loan. Most contracts also include a ban on class actions; some include other provisions such as limits on available damages or waivers to jury trials. Given the flaws inherent to the arbitration system outlined in this comment and the ability of class action lawsuits to remedy harms and incentivize better practices, Texas Appleseed supports ensuring class action lawsuits are available to consumers by preventing companies from banning them through pre-dispute arbitration agreements. See comment for more >>


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