OPENING PARAGRAPH: Dear Mr. Phillips and Ms. Lagrone: We have carefully reviewed the Regional Methods of Distribution (MODs) suballocating Community Development Block Grant for Disaster Recovery (CDBGDR) funds submitted by the nine eligible Councils of Government (COGs) as required by the Texas Action Plan for Hurricane Harvey. Many of these MODs do not comply with the State Action Plan, the GLO MOD Guidelines, or in some cases, the Federal Register Notice, and should be returned for revision to address these issues, and reposted for public comment.
Many students, parents, and educators have concerns about how to keep their campuses safe. This flier will help explain what works to create safe schools and what can actually be harmful for students.
Muchos estudiantes, padres y educadores tienen dudas sobre cómo mantener la seguridad de su campus. Este folleto ayudará a explicar qué enfoques funcionan para crear escuelas seguras y cuáles pueden ser realmente perjudiciales para los estudiantes.


Immigrant Children & Families
Mental Health
Homeless Youth
Juvenile Justice
Payday & Auto Title Lending Reform
Protecting Seniors from Financial Abuse
School-to-Prison Pipeline
Bail Reform & Pretrial Justice
Civil Asset Forfeiture
Criminal Discovery
Debt Collection
Disaster Recovery & Fair Housing
Fines & Fees
Foster Care & Courts